Furnished Modern Redstone Villa

Redstone, CO
United States

Category  Vacation Rentals

Modern Redstone Villa for rent right on the sparkling Crystal River in historic Redstone near the coke ovens. May be rented through May 2019-available now. Save-A-Lot of rent monies by renting here instead of in Glenwood or Aspen. One hour to Aspen and about 30 minutes to Glenwood.
This little studio apartment is about 260 square feet with a queen bed TV with satellite, internet and might be pet friendly depending. My name is karla. Seventy two oh sixer two oh oh niner seventy four. Just bring your food personal items and your pooch if you have one and take care of my walls floors and permanent items and lease through may possibly longer; Tourism picks up in June so you might be able to stay longer with a higher rent