Large Scale Hydro Grow Equip


Hello! Here is all the equipment required to grow 224 hydroponic plants using Under-Current- systems mfg. by Current Culture. The seven x 32 plant sites, includes all parts & support equipment. Space required is about 8 sq.ft. per plant site. This includes (6) EcoPlus-1hp chillers by hydro. (2) iPonic -controllers for lighting, fans, and irrigation. (2) 500 gal tanks, (4) RO filters, & (4) pumps. OTHER-equipment available: (3) 108 site Plant cloners, (7) 4' x 8' Plant flood trays, AIR EQUIPMENT: (5) 3,300 btu.-Aura Split-Systems-HVAC-units, (1) Humidifier, (1) de-humidifier( 28) fans of all types, (6) can air filters, (6) large CO2 tanks, LIGHTING EQUIP: (4)T-5 Fluorescent fixtures & lamps, (4) light-movers, (104) air-cooled HPS fixtures. EXTRA EQUIP:(250) plant containers-plastic-cloth, 3 to 20 gallon and nutrients by Emerald Harvest and Mills. Pricing is between 5% and 30% of original cost on all items. All is still in prime condition and was used less than 3 years. Please text an email address to show contact info and get detailed equipment and mfg.'s list, photos, and original cost and asking price. Thank You!