Onsite Superintendent

Aspen, CO
United States

Employment Type
Work Schedule

Job Description
The project superintendent directs all construction activities at the project site in accordance with pre-established schedules, budgets, contract amounts and procedures.
Participate in the pre-project planning sessions-when possible-to familiarize her/himself with the project and offer practical advice pertaining to the project schedule and budget.
The superintendent must familiarize her/himself with the project estimate and the cost control system at the beginning of the project.
Coordinate job site manpower and subcontractors' manpower for a timely project completion.
Advise Manpower Director (Steve) of manpower needs.
Continually review and update progress reports, cost reports, owner billings, schedules and requirements for completion.
Prepare milestone schedules and short interval schedules.
Investigate and recommend changes in methods, materials' schedules and procedures where needed on the subject.
Ensure that all testing of materials, as specified, is properly conducted and that testing results are properly recorded.
Coordinate with the Project Manager to suspend any Subcontractor not performing according predetermined schedules or plans and specifications. Suspension must be approved by George Shaeffer.
Review with the PM the status of all subcontractors regarding insurance policies prior to beginning the job.
Initiate and prepare all backcharges to subcontractors in a timely manner.
Review and code all bills for materials and subcontractors.
Ensure that all charges for extras are reasonable and that work is properly executed.
Coordinate timely inspections.
Oversee quality control.
Ensure completion of the punchlist.
Maintain high morale at jobsites for all team members.
Ensure that Safety procedures are fully enforced at all times on the project and that all records are in order pertaining to OSHA requirements.
Hold weekly Safety meetings and maintain the Safety Manual.
Contact Office Personnel immediately in the event of an accident. Prepare all accident report forms and send the to the office.
Keep accurate and complete Daily Job Site Reports.
Turn in all paperwork (Daily Reports and coded invoices) to the Office Personnel weekly and in a timely manner.
See to equipment maintenance and repair.
Suspend or dismiss any personnel on the project site not performing according to Company procedures or policies. This action must be approved by the Manpower Coordinator.
Recommend status changes and/or raises for any personnel that is deserving.
Participate in annual reviews for employees.
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