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Carbondale, CO
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Tow/Recovery Truck Operator Wanted

Seeking full-time tow truck drivers to join our team! Living in Basalt, Carbondale Colorado area preferred, or willing to relocate.

Experienced drivers preferred but not required.
We will train you to recover stranded vehicles like they do on TV!
We take pride in our ability to make it through tough weather to help the public and law enforcement to keep the roads clear of accidents and safe.

If you already have your CDL, You are in luck! We will train you to run our 16 ton medium duty truck and Heavy duty wreckers too!
(CDL training programs are also available to the right candidates!)

-Transport and recover all vehicles according to state, local, and company safety guidelines.
-Perform Lockouts. (When people lock their keys in their car.)
-Help change a tire when a stranded motorist is unable to.
-Perform a Jump-start for a motorist with a dead battery. (Ferrari's, Collector cars, and your average everyday person who is late to work and needs help.)
-Assist law enforcement with removing illegally parked and abandoned vehicles.
-Use a recovery wrecker to;
pull cars out of the rivers, pull cars back to the road during a snow storm, recover off-road vehicles that tried to do what hey saw on the commercials, roll all kinds of vehicles back onto their wheels when they roll over, pull trees out of the river to remove a logjam!

All this and you get paid to do it in one of the most beautiful place in the U.S. The roaring fork valley!

There are a requirements though.

All candidates to be considered must,
-Be 21 years of age or older. (Insurance purposes)
-Pass a drug screen test.
-Pass a background criminal check.
-Have reasonably clean driving record. (Insurance purposes and we don't want you to break the trucks.)
-Previous work references.
-Have a working phone.
-Be somewhat tech-savvy. (We use smartphones and tablets to handle calls, log data, take photos and file reports.
-Have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. (Everyone counts on us to know what to do and how to act at the scene of an accident including law enforcement.
-Enjoy helping people.
-report any inappropriate, or illegal or dangerous behavior to supervisor and or law enforcement.
-Enjoy working in an automotive based industry.
-Have a basic understanding of using hand tools. (floor jack, wrenches, sockets, etc.)
-Be very close to your truck at all times during your shift, including at home. (Traffic accidents happen without warning and you will be needed to help immediately.)

-Previous experience and a CDL are considered first but not required for hire.

The right candidates can receive,
-On the job paid training.
-Housing accommodations during winter months.
-Loans for tool purchases so you have what you need to do the job right and safe.
-BBQ's at the shop.
-Company sponsored events like group dinners, etc.
-The ability to help friends and family with a company tow truck if they need help.
-Discounts on work and parts for your own vehicle through the fleet mechanic shop.

If this sounds like the exciting career you've been looking for,
please reply to this post with an e-mail describing why you think you may the candidate we are looking for. We can't wait to hear from you!
$821 a week guaranteed minimum + commision 
Shaun's Towing

United States